Saturday, July 2, 2011

Thrift Store HAUL - Ideas needed!

I just couldn't resist this roll of wallpaper...I LOVE the painter-ly floral print! Of course it is WAY more than I'll ever use so it will no doubt show up in RAKs to my friends :) Afterall it was only $1.00 !

Next I found these 2 old books...1 on Graphic Design with cool fonts...
and a Geometry text book. I'm CRAZY for using geometry diagrams for backgrounds in my journal.
And I saved the BEST for last...a Vintage photo holder in PRISTINE condition...and here's where I need HELP.
The interior plastic sleeves hold roughly 3x5 I was thinking of making it a color/idea file. ALL suggestions welcome...what would you do?? AND I sort of like the existing Vintage feel of the exterior..should I leave as is or embellish???


  1. Go to Dede's stream about the Idea Generator....she gave us like 200 prompts.....this would be great for all the prompts. I am making mine (in between projects) on rolodex you can flip and pick a prompt which could be colour, or a technique or a noun....etc.

  2. oh ya for sure that's an awesome find! I think Dale has a good idea there about using Dede's idea thing.. or fill it with color prompts, or make it a technique catalog where each page is a favorite technique, or a new technique you've learned or tried, or have each page be an inspirational word... oh the ideas are endless.. I think once you figure out what it will be, it can tell you if it wants to be dressed up or not, you could live with it as is for awhile and enjoy then later you can alter it :)