Friday, July 29, 2011

A Mini book and New Journal

I LOVE Mini Books! I wanted to make one I could use often and I picked up this 6X6 Cosmo Cricket "The Boyfriend" stack on clearance for $2.50! You'll remember from a few posts back, the 6 1/2 X 9 1/2" box of envelopes I got at the thrift store... so I decided to try to use them as my base. I folded a 1/2" up and 3 1/2" over.

I attached these together on 3 sides, forming a small pocket and a large pocket. The covers are 2 pages of the $1.00 mini books they used to sell at Micheal's. Covered all with the patterned paper and added tabs, index cards, paper pads, flash cards, vintage school book cutouts and clips. I am VERY happy with it!!
   A New Journal

I am completely HOOKED on my new re-purposed hardcover book Journals... so I made another one! Used some paint and metallic gold paint and my homemade stamps to decorate the covers. Here's some recently completed pages:

A friend Judi and I have been experimenting with layers of paint and masking tape. Painter's tape seems to work best so far :)
Thanks to everyone for your lovely comments!!

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