Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Re-Capturing Your Muse

Let's face it...we ALL have days where we just feel Un-inspired. Here's a fun idea I like to use:
1. Grab a Large Print book (50 cents at Thrift store), Index cards and a glue stick.

2. Scan pages for Random phrases...I pick ones that make me feel something or give me a visual picture in my mind. Cut them out.
3. After you have 10 or 20 cut out, spread them out and see which ones go together. Glue on index card or set aside for a greeting card.

4. I am going to keep them in my NIFTY new holder, but a index card box would work just as well.

5. Grab one that speaks to you and use it as a jumping off place in your journal or card making. Be as literal as YOU want. You can actually use them or save your used ones and swap a stack with a friend.


  1. Great idea Julie! And I love your Asian themed card - very nice!

  2. Fantastic idea Julie! Beautiful card!