Saturday, July 2, 2011

Corrugate and Duck Tape Journal

This is one of my FAVORITE ways to make a quick journal. I saw it a year or so ago on a video featuring the Fabulous Traci Bautista   Video
1. Cut 2 pieces of corrugate (cardboard) to desired size.
2. Collage, paint, etc. corrugate covers...both sides if you like.
3. Affix duck tape to covers making sure they are even AND leave a space between the 2. The space between the 2 covers will determine the amount of papers you can add to your journal without it popping open.
4.Cut or tear a variety of papers roughly the size of the 2 pieces plus the tape.( The entire journal)
5.Using a hole punch or awl, punch holes thru the duck tape"binding".
6. Lay all papers evenly together, crease in center, punch holes in crease the same place as holes in duck tape.
7. Lay papers on inside of covers, matching holes,thread a ribbon/string/twine thru holes from the inside to outside. Tie on outside.
Post a link in the comments-would LOVE to see your version!

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  1. Corrugate!! Hehehe. I love this journal Julie! Much live my friend!