Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Intentional Color

   I am a Color JUNKY. I love to play with color and surround myself with color. For the most part in my creative endeavors, I just play and create with what ever color is close at hand... whatever I'm in the mood for. But other times I like to create with specific colors.
   Somewhere along the line I had the power of color shown to me in a very simple way. Van Gogh's SUNFLOWERS. Link
   I was told to cover up the blue line of the table's edge and watch how the vibrancy of the painting disappeared. I was amazed. It was further explained that orange and blue were complimentary colors (directly across from each other on the Color Wheel). From that point on I sometimes play with color INTENTIONALLY, when I'm in the mood. I say when I'm in the mood because I believe STRONGLY in spontaneity in my creative endeavors. But I do like to experiment and learn new things.
   I'll be posting some of my experiments and would love to see your experiments,if you'd like to play along.

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