Friday, July 15, 2011

Dollar Store and Thrift Mini Haul

Went scouting for supplies at the Dollar Store and found a couple of goodies.

I'm THRILLED with this sink drainer thing-rigid plastic and PERFECT as a stencil!
Got this non-sparkly Black eyeshadow to use for shading in my journal and it works GREAT!

Loved the texture of this rug mat. I cut it into circles and squares to spray through.
And just a crochet doily to spray through also.

Some Flash cards-LOVE the Shadow Alphabet stencil-a Carved wood frame for 75 cents and a Box of white envelopes.

They are 6 1/2" X 9 1/2". Think I'll try to make a 6x6 junk journal from them.

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  1. WoW! Great eye for some awesome finds! Who knew there was so many awesome things at the dollar store?!