Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mini Thrift Haul and New Watercolors

Thanks to the UBER creative Dale Anne (Her link) I'm addicted to Thrift Shopping for artsy supplies. A small but GOOD haul this time.
Ignore the watercolor set for now-NOT from thrift store :)
   I was THRILLED to find the designer Push Molds. Found some instant Paper-Mache in Mom's stuff and wanted to try making embellishments with it. Figure they'll be nice and light weight.
   The EK Success punch for $2.99 was a steal! May save that for a giveaway.
BEST for last... a 1950's children's LOTTO set with AMAZING graphics!
Small square cardboard pieces AND....
KILLER playing boards in nice sturdy cardboard that will make the BEST Mini-book covers! Will HAVE to save a couple of these for the giveaway, too.

   My palette of tube watercolors is almost gone and have been looking around for a little portable set. I use an inexpensive PRANG set for book pages and large areas but wanted a "better" set for cardmaking. (I like to paint in rubber stamped images and use washes for backgrounds) The main difference being the translucency. I went to Hobby Lobby-coupon in hand- for the KOI 24 color Set with a waterbrush. I didn't like the colors at all. In fact they were kinda weird. So I checked out this WINDSOR NEWTON-Cotman-Student grade set and liked the colors better. Basically the same price.I'll let ya know how I like it.


  1. looks good cant wait to see what comes out of all this.