Sunday, February 5, 2012

2 Awesome Embellishments you can make

Being unemployed I have to art on the cheap using what I already have. No complaints tho as I have to think a little more creatively. I have recently discovered Jennings644 on Youtube and LOVE her creative ways to make things yourself... "Come on Ladies, you don't have to go buy it, you can do it yourself". She is sooo supportive and giving of herself. A real treasure :)
So along those lines I decided to use the watercolored book pages as seen in an earlier post in a different way.  I found this video and adapted it a bit...
As you can tell, I'm a bright color lover. But these flowers can be done with pastel colors, sprays, stenciling (purple on using Punchinella) and of course you could distress the edges etc.
I happen to like the matte watercolor look and find it easier to watercolor the page while still in the book as opposed to after it's cut.

If you don't feel like watching the video...her's a basic step by step...
The second embellishment is a sort of collage look tile. First I drew my grid lines. These are 1 1/4". I used rubber stamps and archival black in to stamp heavy weight chipboard. I like the look of the chipboard background but I'm sure you could color it 1st if you prefer.

Then I used Prismacolor colored pencils to color the images and a bit of the background. I then covered the tile with a medium coat of Crackle Accents by Ranger. Once the Crackle Accents was dry, I used Vintage photo Distress Ink and an cosmetic sponge to sponge the edges and rub some into the cracks.
I am NOT completely crazy about Crackle Accents. I'm sure it's me but I never get consistent results. If anyone has any suggestions, I sure would appreciate it!!
I really like these and use them on cards and in Mini Books.


  1. Julie, I love your blog! I'm still going to send you a surprise one day. Watch for it - but not this week. lol Really, I love how creative you are with the supplies. Love the eye shadow instead of chalk trick, too. Fab! I don't know anything about Crackle stuffs. I need to try it, though.... I'll let you know if I figure anything out. ;-)

  2. I love how you created your own tiles! I haven't used the Crackle product, so can't help you there, but I may adapt your tile idea for a travel journal I'm working on as a gift! Thanks for sharing your ideas!