Monday, September 24, 2012

Finished Art Journal and EASY Junk-y Journal

YIPPEE! I've finished my re-purposed Ikea catalogue Journal. It held up pretty well and I loved working in this smaller format.(click on pics for larger view)
** A personal rant about paint chips*** I was lucky enough to find a huge bound stack(provided to a store by the paint company) at the Salvation Army for 2.00. Otherwise, I personally would NOT take paint chips from stores that sell paint unless I was buying paint. It just doesn't seem honest to me to go empty out the rack of chips intended for paint customers. Just my opinion.

Here are some of my favorite pages.

LOTS of layers on this page and used spray inks thru shapes cut from Plastic needlepoint canvas.

I'm a miserable draw-er. This woman is cut from a magazine, covered with a thin coat of gesso and recolored using watercolor.

I LOVE using images from old books.

I have always struggled with journaling in my Art Journals. I'm an AVID reader and decided to journal about books I've read and I LOVE it! It helps me pause and think about a book and what I liked/didn't like about it.

Junk-y Journal

Here's my version of the Smash-Junk-Daily Journals so popular right now. I found a cool shaped Childeren's Board book at the Salvation Army for .50 cents, cut the pages apart with and exacto knife, glued 2 together for extra strength with Scotch Quick Dry glue. Then I covered it with Scrapbook paper, punched holes and used binder rings. For the pager I used old magazine ads, maps, index cards and scrapbook paper. I will embellish the pager as I journal.

Thanks SO much for looking. I LOVE comments and /or links to similar things you have tried.


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  1. Awesome Julie!! You've given me some great ideas as well as some beautiful eye candy :)